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Student Uniforms

ASMS students wear uniforms which allow them to remain comfortable, free from distraction, and safe as they engage in our experiential program.  The uniform is comprised of an ASMS-logo polo shirt along with khaki pants and closed-toe shoes or sneakers. Shorts and skirts may be worn before October 15 and after May 1, when the weather warms, and ASMS-logo sweatshirts and fleeces can be worn on cooler days.


ASMS-logo long- or short-sleeved polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces may be purchased at Land's End. All are available in a variety of colors for everyday wear, but each student must have at least one red and one green shirt for special school events. All other uniform items may be purchased anywhere.


To access the Land's End website, click on the following link:  Land's End School Uniforms


Directions for purchasing student uniforms:  

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