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Family Summer Fun Weekend Camp - The Y at Watson Woods

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Join us for a jam-packed weekend of family fun here at The Y at Watson Woods!
The Y at Watson Woods is camping at your comfort level. We have a variety of
lodging styles from onsite Hotel Rooms to our Retreat Village cabins. Wherever
you decide to stay, you’ll be sure to have a fantastic weekend filled with outdoor
adventure with your family.

Registration and more info here:

YMCA of Greater Rochester - Online Services

CPPHS Announces '22 Valedictorian & Salutatorian

Join us in congratulating ASMS alumni on their accomplishments. Kaitlin Chung is the Corning-Painted Post High School Class of 2022 Valedictorian and Grace Speicher is the Salutatorian.

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In the fall, Kaitlin will attend The College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University where she will major in biology and pursue a career as a physician and medical researcher. 

Grace will attend the University of Notre Dame in the fall. Although she is undecided on a major at this time, she has a strong interest in biology and math and plans to pursue a career that involves science. 

Congratulations Kaitlin and Grace!

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The Alternative School for Math & Science proudly presents “Mary Poppins JR”, the musical. May 19th and 20th at 171 Cedar Arts Center (doors open at 6:45). Join Jane and Michael Banks on fantastical explorations with their new nanny as she helps the Banks family in many ways. The show is based on books by P.L Travers and the classic Disney movie, Mary Poppins JR. It encompasses timeless classics as well as delightful new songs. Join us this Thursday and Friday to be entertained with a show that is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Please direct questions regarding ticket availability to


Evolution of ASMS Alumnus Science Inquiry 

Nishant Lahiri, Corning Painted Post junior and ASMS alumni, placed first for the chemistry section at Regeneration International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) at Atlanta this past Friday (5/13/22). The competition featured 1,750 young scientists representing 49 states and 63 countries, regions and territories across the world. finalists, who were evaluated based on their projects’ creativity, innovation and level of scientific inquiry. Nishant’s research was built on work he had started at ASMS on a crowdsourced approach to carbon capture where he was a top 10 finalist at the 3M Young Scientists Challenge. Join us in congratulating Nishant on his victory and his evolution in scientific inquiry. Read more about his project here


2021-2022 eCybermission Winners

ECybermission is a STEM Competition for 6-9th grade students at the regional, state, and national levels. Participants were challenged to collaboratively investigate problems in our community to explore using scientific practices or solve with engineering design. Seventh grade ASMS students Owen Anderson, Andrew Welch, Max Jennings placed first for New York State with their pothole repair project. Sebastian Selgado, Cyrus Law, and Daemon Wadsworth placed second for New York State with their soil erosion management project. First place winners received $1,000 U.S. Series EE Savings Bond at maturity and second place winners received $500 respectively.

Community Holidays: Reflections on Golden Week

The following reflection on Golden Week, a collection of national holidays celebrated

in Japan, is written by ASMS teacher Yumiko Akiba. Many thanks to Miss Akiba for

sharing more about Golden Week with us! ASMS community members are encouraged

to share about holidays they observe for future posts by completing this Google Form

Many of the holidays in Japan are related to the Japanese emperor, law, and nature. However, one which we most love is the so-called "Golden Week." The Golden Week consists of three-day holidays called "Kenpou Kinennbi," "Midori no hi," and "Kodomo no hi." We call it Golden because you get three days in a row for a holiday! On the first day, many Japanese people travel to go home and visit graves with their parents. Kenpou stands for Constitution, and Kinennbi stands for Memorial Day. After WWII, the US helped Japan draft a constitution. Initially, it was proposed on November 3 but did not take effect until May 3. Next, Midori stands for green, and hi means day. Therefore "Midori no hi΅ means Green Day. Yes. You guessed it right. We celebrate nature. We have a phrase called "Shinrin-yoku," which simply means forest bathing. Many Japanese people will go to the forest to hike, picnic, and appreciate mother nature. The third day is the "Kodomo no hi." Kodomo means children. Until 1948, Japanese people celebrated this day as Boy's day (Girl's day was on March 3). However, in 1948, we switched to Children's day, celebrating both boys and girls. This month, Japanese people fly "Koinobori," a carp-shaped windsock. At the very top of Koinobori, you will see black carp (Father), followed by Red (Mother), and either Blue (boy) or Pink (daughter), depending on the firstborn. After that, different colors represent both boys and girls and depend on the number of children in the family. Kids get to eat excellent food and play with their family all day on this day. In recent years (before COVID), many families have traveled internationally during this time. Airports and train stations in Japan are packed during Golden Week!


ASMS Science Teacher Receives Jefferson Award


      Pat Killian won the 2022 Jefferson Award for Public Service. This award gives the community an opportunity to recognize everyday citizens who do extraordinary work, and touch the lives of many in our community. Pat is the 7th grade science teacher at ASMS and FIRST robotics coach of the world-class team FTC 5484. Pat graciously volunteers 1,000 hours per year towards supporting youth robotics in the Southern Tier. Pats work extends beyond the regular robotics season as she also volunteers to facilitate a robotics program at the Salvation Army. Pat's selfless dedication to teaching students the fundamentals of science, technology, and life skills embodies the FIRST robotics principle, "Gracious Professionalism". Through her community service she has instilled her gracious professionalism in her countless students over the years and they have gone on to be successful adults after graduating.

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CPPHS Drama Club Presents Newsies


Alumni in the Cast:

Djordje Marjanovic, Maddie Palm, Ivan Marjanovic, Whitney Smith, Mia Caprarella, Morgan Dahlman, Sofia Sterbenk, Lexi Thibault, Addy Barlow, Erika Giaconia, Nadine Kohnke


Alumni in the Production Staff:

Georg Sauer, Ashlyn Ball


Alumni with Set Construction & Painting:

Zuri Ruffin, Georg Sauer


Alumni in the Pit Orchestra:

Sophie Chen, Emily Song, Lucia Chen, Rohan Amin

ASMS Alumni Celebrate St. Patrick's day in Dublin, Ireland


Former ASMS alumni performed with the CPPHS marching band in the Dublin St. Patrick's Day parade on March, 17th.

Adelaide Barlow

Gwen Herman

Lexi Thibault

Thomas Zhang

Frank Chen

Sophie Chen

Emily Song

Mark Hong

George-John Welch

Georg Sauer

Madeline Ortiz

Brian Nordman

Katarina Guy

Ethan Yarnell

McKenzie Kaufman

Jessica Fang

Mark Sierzant

Katie Creath

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ASMS Student Wins Regional Spelling Bee


7th grade student, Cyrus Law, won the regional spelling bee that took place on March 5th. He will now move on to nationals that will take place in Washington D.C. in June. This event will be broadcasted on national television (ION and BOUNCE).

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Two ASMS Scholars go to Regional Spelling Bee

This Tuesday scholars went 18 rounds at our school-wide spelling bee. The winning words were kaddish (Cyrus) and hawsers (Nithik). Two students, Nithik Navin and Cyrus Law, move on to the regional “Final Local Spelling Bee”  at the Middle School in Painted Post, NY on March 5th at 9:30 a.m. The winners on the 5th will proceed to the National Championship in DC the week of Memorial Day.




6th grade:

Nithik Navin

Reed Fuchs

Helen Zhang

Matthew Han

Bailey Rider

Fiona Cowley


7th grade:

Cyrus Law

Nolan Bocage

Ben Henry

Owen Anderson

Elijah Barlow

Chloe Wightman


8th grade:

Dean Simons

Veronica Zhang

Ben Torgalski

Nicole Miller

Erika Liu

Melina Schwesinger

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Community Holidays: Reflections on Spring Festival

An important community holiday is fast approaching on February 1, 2022. Many members of the ASMS family are looking forward to the celebration of Spring Festival. The following reflections on this holiday are written by ASMS parent Danhong Zhong. Many thanks to Danhong and to grade 6 student Fiona Cowley, who will be sharing more with her classmates in assembly. ASMS community members are encouraged to share about holidays they observe for future posts by completing this Google Form. Wishing you all happiness and prosperity in the New Year!

Spring Festival celebrates the first day of the lunar year, which also marks the first day of Spring. It is the most important holiday in China and has been celebrated in many east Asian countries for generations.


Interestingly, there are many similarities between Spring Festival and Christmas. It may be easier to get the idea by comparing the two. Very much like Christmas, Spring Festival is the holiday that people take the longest break from work/school to celebrate. With the long break, the festive atmosphere is in the air! People greet each other (even strangers) with happiness and good wishes. Houses are decorated with couplets, lanterns, papercuttings, flowers, and plants. People dress in red and bright colors. Songs specifically written for the festival are played everywhere. This is the time for people to gather: all family members are expected to attend the family reunion on the New Year eve. After that, visiting in-laws, extended families, and old friends happens. You get to know more about the cousins that you meet once a year at their hometown, watch a lion/dragon dance, or light up firecrackers with your friends on your street. Gift exchanging happens in the format of the “Red Packet.” A specific amount of money is wrapped inside red packets that are given out, mostly to kids and senior people in the past. Nowadays, electronic “red packets” (e.g. in social media like WeChat) are given out to anybody as a way of expressing good wishes. 


With many gatherings happening, a lot of food needs to be prepared. Other than being delicious, dishes prepared for Spring Festival also carry specific purposes. For example, some areas follow the tradition that the first meal of the year should be all vegetarian, as a way to honor the sacrifice of animals to humans, or paying tribute to Buddhism. Another example is dumplings. The Chinese pronunciation of dumplings sounds like “changing from the old to new,” thus it’s a very popular traditional food on the table during Spring Festival. 


For the year of 2022, Spring Festival is on Tue. Feb. 1st. It’s the year of the Tiger. Wishing our community will overcome any difficulties, and forge ahead with the vigor and vitality of the tiger!


(In the image, the black words are numbers in ancient Chinese. The 2 large words below the tiger face say “new spring.” The 4 horizontal words say “lucky tiger aiming high.” The 5 horizontal words denote the Chinese era of 2022.)

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ASMS Alumus' Art Work Showcased at a Local Business

Josephine Sauer, ASMS alumnus and talented student artist, has numerous artworks displayed at the Dippity Do Dah's ice cream shop on Market Street in Corning. Josephine graduated from ASMS in June 2021 and is currently a student at CPP high school. Josephine states in her description: "For all of my life I have had an interest in art and find great joy in creating whatever my mind comes up with."  To see Josephine's wall of art, please visit Dippity Do Dah's on Market Street.

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Community Holidays: Upcoming Celebrations

As the ASMS community is gearing up for a well-deserved holiday vacation, we would like to share some of the holidays and traditions that will be celebrated by our families during our two-week break. The following contributions about Winter Solstice (December 21), Christmas (December 25), and Media Noche (December 31) are written by Maureen Mines, one of our ASMS teachers, Shannon Clark, one of our ASMS parents, and Dominik Davis, one of our ASMS students. ASMS community members are encouraged to share about holidays they observe for future posts by completing this Google Form. Throughout the year, both here and in school assemblies, we will continue to share more about our community through your voices. Thanks to our contributors, and we look forward to your upcoming stories. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season! 


Maureen Mines, Grade 7 ELA Teacher: Reflections on Winter Solstice

What holiday has been observed for about 12,000 years by people all over the world? 

That’s right: the winter solstice. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, that falls in December. 

Ancient structures found in Ireland and Scotland are aligned with the sunrise on the winter solstice, leading scholars to believe that the neolithic people who built these monuments hoped to capture the sun on the year’s shortest day. From Ireland to Iran, from Japan to America, from Rome to China, people have bid farewell to the ever-shortening days and welcomed the return of the light. 

There are as many ways to celebrate the solstice as there are families who celebrate it, but here are a few common traditions:

  • The Yule Tree: In ancient times, yule trees were decorated with candles. Nowadays, some people decorate an indoor or outdoor tree with symbols of light and nature. Others trim a tree or two outdoors with pinecones larded with peanut butter, garlands made of popcorn, nuts, and berries, and ornaments made with seeds to feed the neighboring birds and animals. 

  • Spend technology free evenings by candlelight; reflect on the past year and set intentions for the one to come. 

  • Light a bonfire: The Yule log was carefully chosen to burn all the way through the year’s longest night. Today, people light indoor or outdoor fires in celebration of the returning light. 

  • Eat a Yule log: If you don’t have a fire pit or fireplace, you can always bake a delicious Yule log dessert; here is a recipe!

  • Brew some wassail: Wassail is a mixture of juices mulled with warming spices such as ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. It is served warm. 

Whether or not you celebrate a holiday at this time of year, I hope that this solstice, the returning light of the sun will warm you and those you love.

Shannon Clark, ASMS Parent: Reflections on Christmas 

The foundation of our Christmas holiday celebration rests on Jesus Christ and our Christian faith. Our families originated from Germany, the French Alsace region, Scotland, and Wales. Although they moved here long ago, there are cultural elements they surely brought with them that although are mostly indistinguishable to my family today, are nonetheless embedded in the foods we eat, and the family traditions we enjoy during this time of year. One of the favorite activities for us is attending the evening Christmas Eve service at our church.


Dominik Davis, Grade 7 ASMS Student: Reflections on Media Noche

In the Philippines, we celebrate a day called Media Noche on December 31st. The name is Spanish for midnight. It's when relatives get together to feast and hope for a new year. On the last day of the year, near dark, many people stay up to celebrate the upcoming new year by shooting off firecrackers and fireworks and making sounds as loud as they can to drive off the evil spirits. Most people come out of their houses and celebrate. My mom and I celebrate the holiday when we are in the Philippines. Maligayang Bagong Taon! Happy New Year!

HH & CPP Honor Roll.png

CPP & HH Honor Rolls

Marking period two honor and high honor rolls were recently posted for Corning-Painted Post and Horseheads High Schools.  97% of ASMS alumni students made either the honor or high honor roll.  We are so proud of our alumni for continuing to do their best work!


ASMS Alumni in Robotics

This past weekend was the return to in-person FTC robotics tournaments with a tournament at Penfield High School (Rochester).  ASMS alumni make up a good portion of the membership of the Corning Inc. sponsored teams with The Enderbots coached by our very own Pat Killian.  Here are the results and some photos from the event!


Team 5484 The Enderbots:  Think Award, 3rd place Inspire Award, and Winning Alliance Captain

Team 5485 GorillaBots:  Control Award

Team 5356 Team Tardis:  Connect Award

7th Grade Scientists Put Their Engineering Design Cars to the Test!

7th graders at ASMS spent the start of the year learning computer-assisted design (CAD) and engineering process by designing and 3D printing rubber band-driven cars.  The goal was to create a car that would: 

  • fit in a 180cm x 120cm x120cm sizing box

  • travel 3 meters using stored energy from a rubberband

  • be visually appealing


Students performed experiments and evaluated their

prototypes to maximize the success of their final designs.


Alumni Returns to Teach After School Shot Put Workshop

ASMS alumni, Lexi Thibault, held a shot put clinic here for current ASMS students on October 13. CPP High School sophomores are required to complete a personal project. Lexi decided she wanted to introduce shot put to ASMS students because it is something she is interested in and she didn't know a lot about it when she attended ASMS. Students in grades 6th through 8th participated in shot put drills and skill development while learning about what it's like to compete in shot put on the public high school track and field team.


ASMS Successfully Launches New Technology to Students and Staff

ASMS distributed new technology to its students and staff for the 2021-2022 school year. Each student received a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with a book cover keyboard, and each teacher received a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook furthering our digital initiative mission.

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ASMS Students are Top Finishers in Corelle WineGlass 5K for their Age Group

Congratulations to James and Charlie, ASMS 8th graders, who were two of the top finishers for the under 15 category in the Corelle WineGlass 5K race on October 3rd. They are posing with Meb Keflezighi, a retired Olympic marathoner.