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ASMS is proud to announce that two of our alumni have been named valedictorians at their respective high schools, exemplifying our mission of fostering academic excellence. Dorothy Piech, Corning-Painted Post High School, and Ethan Hursh, Haverling High School have earned the top honor. Both Dorothy and Ethan have demonstrated exceptional dedication and hard work, serving as inspiring examples for our current students. Congratulations to these outstanding scholars on their remarkable achievements!


Experience the magic of "Annie JR." as the beloved comic strip comes to life on stage in this adaptation of the Tony Award-winning Best Musical. Follow little orphan Annie on her courageous journey through 1930s New York City as she charms hearts and foils the plans of the wicked Miss Hannigan. With roles for all, including orphans, servants, and tourists, this middle school musical promises to captivate audiences from May 16th to May 18th at 171 Cedar Arts Center.


Eighth-grade student, Reed Fuchs out-spelled 84 other students from 50 schools around the Southern Tier, the Buffalo area, and Northern Pennsylvania at the 14th Annual Corning Rotary Spelling Bee at Corning-Painted Post Middle School on March 9. He competed against students from first to eighth grade in the spelling bee in a total of 13 rounds. Seventh-grade ASMS student, Sharon Hwang took second place. Reed will represent the region while competing in the 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee. The 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee takes place May 28, May 29, and May 30, 2024, and will be held just outside of Washington, D.C.  For those eager to support Reed on his journey, mark your calendars to visit starting May 1, 2024. There, you'll find access to the competition schedule and broadcast details for the 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee Finals. Let's rally behind Reed as he embarks on this exciting opportunity to shine on the national stage!

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In a celebration of musical talent and dedication, the students of ASMS have made their mark at the Steuben All-County Band and Chorus Festivals. Their hard work and commitment throughout the school year have earned them well-deserved recognition.

Festival A, hosted at Hornell High School on March 3-4, 2023, and Festival B, held at Bath Middle School on March 17-18, provided platforms for these hard-working musicians and vocalists to showcase their skills. A total of 40 ASMS students participated, with 18 at Festival A, 29 at Festival B, and many talented individuals attended both events.

Their outstanding performances not only reflect their dedication to honing their craft but also the support and guidance provided by ASMS faculty. As a community, let us extend our heartfelt congratulations to these remarkable students for their accomplishments. Here's to the bright future ahead for these aspiring artists!

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ASMS brings awareness to the hunger needs of the southern tier! Our goal is to raise $2500+ for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier’s BackPack Program. Backpacks help feed almost 4,000 hungry students in our community during weekends and school breaks. Please bring items to the ASMS lobby for donation. 


Recommended items: Boxed macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, individual servings of cereal, pop-top cans of fruit or vegetables, pop-top canned tuna or chicken, and pop-top canned soup. 


This is our chance to make a difference and showcase the strength of our community. The Food Bank will accept monetary donations via their virtual food drive. Or you may bring donations to the front desk at ASMS: cash or checks payable to “Food Bank of the Southern Tier” in an envelope labeled Backpack Program Food Drive. Thank you for being a part of the Hunger Backpack Challenge – where every donation counts and every act of kindness creates ripples of change. The fundraiser closes on March 28th.


$5 donated = can feed a child over a weekend

$25 donated = 6 children

$50 raised = 12 children

$100 donated = 24 children

$250 donated = 60 children


ASMS recently hosted its annual 6th-8th grade Spelling Bee in an intense showcase of linguistic mastery. After navigating through twenty rounds of challenging words we exhausted the study list and reverted to an additional list of words from Scripps. Four students made no errors until round 25, and the school champions emerged as Sharon Hwang and Reed Fuchs. Sharon, 7th grade, and Reed, 8th grade, demonstrated an impressive command of language, earning them the titles of School Spelling Bee Champions. As they prepare to represent ASMS at the regional level, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Sharon and Reed, and wish them the best of luck in the next stage of the competition. Kudos to all participants for their commitment to academic excellence! 


ASMS held a captivating Academic Showcase, where the talents of our students took center stage. The event featured 6th, 7th, 8th, and club choral performances as well as jazz band and all-school band performances, showcasing our middle schoolers' musical prowess and dedication. The harmonious melodies and skilled instrumental arrangements resonated throughout the Corning Museum of Glass auditorium, energizing the audience. Adding to the excitement, 5th-grade students and their families from the local community attended, providing them with a firsthand experience of our vibrant school culture. The Academic Showcase not only celebrated the artistic achievements of our students but also served as a bridge for the younger members of our community to learn about the rich academic and creative environment at ASMS. Kudos to all the performers, and a warm welcome to our future scholars!


Our mission is all about creating a challenging environment for our students, making sure they get top-notch education with high standards. Some of our students have been working after school, putting in many hours, to compete in the FLL Lego Robotics qualifying tournament that took place this past Saturday, January 20th, at Erwin Valley Elementary School. Our 8th-grade team, Robo Crescendo, earned 1st place in the Core Value award. The 7th-grade team, Boogie Bots, received the Breakthrough award.

Competing in FLL Robotics promotes lifelong learning by fostering a curiosity for technology, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. The hands-on experience and collaborative challenges encourage continuous development, persistence, and a passion for learning that extends beyond the competition. It's moments like these that make us proud of the hard work and dedication our kids put in. Go, ASMS robotics team members!

Robo Crescendo: Jayden Dong, Lee Caprarella, José Manuel-Umanzor, Bella Beres, Maliah Bouzi, Caroline Welch, Virginia Magaziner, Liam Kosik-Williams, Lincoln Hart, Justin Li

Boogie Bots: Evelyn Bocage, Bella Vazquez, James Zhuang, Noah Mower, Robbie Seymour, Jackson Kosik-Williams, Cecilia He, Rua Chahal

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One of our all-school initiatives is to strengthen the communities of ASMS: students, parents, faculty, and community partners, through school-wide, collaborative events and activities. This past Friday, the 7th-grade students visited The Rockwell Museum. This enriching trip helped students to decode artwork and served as inspiration for their next art project. Clara S. Peck's philanthropy, especially her passion for horse-related art, shaped the museum's initial collection and continues to impact the diversity of future artworks exhibited. The visit included activities analyzing historical context, exploring community mural projects, and connecting art to Diné weaving traditions. Students engaged in an interactive weaving activity and explored Devan Shimoyama's multimedia artwork, highlighting his exploration of identity. The symbolism in Shimoyama's artwork, inspired by Tarot cards, added depth to the exploration of life events and personal growth. We look forward to sharing what our 7th-grade artists are making in the coming weeks!

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Nia Walton, ASMS class of 2012, has returned to her middle school roots as the 6th grade math teacher. She shared her sentiments about ASMS’ 20th birthday celebration: “There's just something about ASMS that encourages you to embrace new challenges.” Reflecting on her experience as a student-turned-educator, Nia highlighted the school's defining attribute: its culture. She expressed gratitude for the chance to reconnect with former teachers as colleagues and emphasized the lasting impact of ASMS. Nia recalled feeling welcomed and cared for since her first day, emphasizing the school's nurturing environment. She acknowledged the school’s role as a transformative force, shaping lives and fostering enduring connections beyond academics. For Nia, ASMS represents not only academic excellence but also a community that nurtures a sense of belonging and care.


We are delighted to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mrs.Flanagan, 6th-8th-grade choral and instrumental music teacher, and Mrs.Sisson, 6th-grade ELA teacher who are soon to embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood. As they prepare to embrace this incredible chapter in their lives, we celebrate their dedication not only to shaping young minds within our school community but also to nurturing the future generation in their own families. Their unwavering passion, care, and commitment in the classroom have touched the lives of countless students. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of these precious little ones and do not doubt that their homes will be filled with as much love, wisdom, and warmth as they bring to their classrooms every day. Wishing these soon-to-be moms all the joy and wonder that parenthood brings. Congratulations!

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Peter Dohn, ASMS alumni class of 2011, now NASA space engineer, presented to our students about the Artemis generation and what’s to come next for NASA. He works with part of a team that is helping to get people back to the moon, lighting the way to sustainable life in space and beyond. As an engine engineer, he was able to share experiences that embraced learning through failure. This allows scientists and learners alike to learn the parameters while enabling discovery. Peter’s presentation was inspiring to our middle-school students and helped foster a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom. Kids who are now in school will be manning the missions of the future, from the moon, to Mars, and beyond.

Middle school can present challenges amid academic, social, and emotional transitions. Joining a social club fosters a sense of belonging and community, offering students valuable interaction beyond the classroom. Our activity period, held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, introduces trimester-long mini-courses, allowing students to explore new interests or deepen existing passions. This period not only cultivates social skills and friendships but also builds a cohesive community among students across grade levels. Past offerings include Yearbook, 3D Printing, Card and Board Games, Cardboard Construction, Dungeons and Dragons, Japanese History and culture, Fantasy Football, Knitting, Reading, Crafts, Acting and Improv, Musical Theater, History of Sports, Bucket Drumming, and more! Our diverse array of engaging courses provides students with opportunities to discover and flourish in varied pursuits.


Ten outstanding ASMS students have made their mark by earning the prestigious opportunity to perform in the Junior High Area All-State Festival. These students' journey to the festival started with their impressive performances of NYSSMA solos in April, setting the stage for their nomination.  The NYSSMA Area-All State festival encompasses a wide range of talent, with diverse backgrounds with students in 7th to 9th grade. The dynamic festival took place at the Hornell School District on November 3rd and 4th, providing a stage for these musical students to shine and share their passion for music with the community. This achievement is a testament to their dedication and talent. 


Mixed Chorus:

Embark on a fascinating journey through the wonders of ancient Mesopotamia with our sixth-grade Social Studies students. They stepped into the shoes of ancient builders and explored ziggurats, towering structures at the heart of Mesopotamian cities. Ziggurats, more than just architectural marvels, were sacred structures dedicated to the principal gods of each city, constructed in a stepped pyramid style with 2 to 7 levels.

These structures were symbolic and impressive feats of engineering, serving as temples that symbolized Mesopotamians' devotion to their city's primary deity. The towering height was intentional, believed to bring the shrine closer to the heavens. While many ziggurats have vanished, a few stand partially rebuilt.

Students excitedly recreated their own paper ziggurats, gaining a deeper appreciation for Mesopotamian craftsmanship and the symbolism embedded in each tier. This hands-on activity made learning about ancient Mesopotamia engaging and memorable, immersing students in a captivating historical experience.


Following his recognition with the TED Prize on March 2, 2011, French artist JR introduced The Inside Out Project. Drawing inspiration from JR's own artistic journey, this collaborative platform empowers individuals and groups to create a visual impact by installing large-scale black-and-white portraits in public spaces. Last spring ASMS kicked off our 20th anniversary celebration with the Inside Out Inspired Action “ASMS Then & Now” This Action exemplifies how the school has impacted the lives of adolescents and celebrates our alumni through multiple dimensions of “then & now” portraits. See where we were featured on the @InsideOutProject’s Instagram page. 


7th graders at ASMS spent the start of the year learning computer-assisted design (CAD) and engineering process by designing and 3D printing rubber band-driven cars.


 The goal was to create a car that would: 

  • fit in a 180cm x 120cm x120cm sizing box

  • travel 3 meters using stored energy from a rubber band

  • be aesthetically appealing


On Friday, student engineers went the distance for doughnuts as they rallied and raced their cars with their science teacher, Mrs. Killian. Students performed experiments and evaluated their prototypes to maximize the success of their final designs.

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ASMS is delighted to celebrate the achievements of our exceptional students. The Kosik Williams brothers, Liam (8th grade) and Jackson (7th grade) each made their respective New York State West Soccer Olympic Development teams, showcasing their athletic aptitude. 

Maryn Wren, a sixth-grader, continues to excel in dance, winning the Shield of Excellence scholarship at the Titans of Dance convention in Rochester. This remarkable scholarship is awarded to a select few out of hundreds of talented dancers in attendance, marking the second consecutive year that Maryn has received this honor.

These achievements highlight the remarkable talent and dedication of ASMS students in both sports and the arts. We extend our warmest congratulations to Liam, Jackson, and Maryn and look forward to their continued success.


The whole school is buzzing with science research. 6th through 8th grade students develop a hypothesis and work throughout the year to conduct research, run trials, and reflect upon their data and scientific findings. The 8th-grade students pictured are learning about chemical reactions by solving a "crime," trying to determine what "mystery mixture" found at a fictional crime scene is made of. After detailed observations of the substance, they discovered that adding water causes a reaction. This helps them determine what it's made of by comparing their "unknown substance" to a series of "known substances".


Each May, ASMS hosts a Science Forum where local scientists are invited to be panelists for student presentations. Projects range from Rube Goldberg machines, Lego-Robotics, Exploravision (Wouldn’t it be cool if?), eCybermission (Problems solved with science and technology) Game Development (8-bit game programming), and controlled experiments where individuals formulate and test their own hypothesis.


At ASMS, we believe that students can be responsible members of the broader community. Our school fosters positive relationships with community organizations. Our partnership with organizations across New York’s Southern Tier region develops trust and relationships, confronts challenges, and creates meaningful change. Each month ASMS devotes instructional time to volunteering in the community. In the pictures above, 6th-8th grade students are playing their part in bettering our community.

ASMS successfully launched its 20th school year this September. Each morning students are greeted at the door with a smile as they navigate through their adolescent education experience. This year will be full of celebrations in honor of ASMS- a thriving, researched-based middle school serving New York’s Southern Tier and beyond. Last spring we kicked off the ASMS celebration with an “Inside Out” installation, after the French street artist, JR. Our installation includes portraits of alumni juxtaposed with a current photo. This project highlights ASMS then and now and embraces what could be next for our school community. We look forward to celebrating our collective commitment to excellence in education.

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