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Summer Homework

ASMS summer homework for incoming students and returning 7th and 8th grade students will be available on the Summer Homework page located under the Portal section of the website on Thursday, July 1st. If you do not know the ASMS portal password, please contact Michelle Corliss at

ASMS Alumni are Named Valedictorian and Salutatorian of the Corning-Painted Post Senior Class of 2021
ASMS Alumni Take Part in Technology Outreach for Current Students

ASMS alumni students, Ben (12th grade), Madeline (11th grade), and Katarina (9th grade), came to ASMS as part of an outreach effort to explain First Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics and to show off their competition robot to the 8th graders. Corning Incorporated sponsors three high school level teams in the Corning area. The Enderbots are coached by our own Mrs. Killian who teaches 7th grade science at ASMS.

ASMS Students Doing Their Part on Earth Day

Community service is an important part of the ASMS philosophy which the school strives to instill in its students. ASMS provides opportunities for students to earn community service hours once a month. On Earth Day, ASMS students cleaned and performed maintenance on the War Memorial in South Corning.


Some ASMS students continued their Earth Day efforts home and participated in a neighborhood Earth Day activity of picking up trash. 140 pounds of trash were collected!

The individuals who participated included five 8th graders - Erika, Jessica, Mel, Katie, and Morgan, one 7th grader - Erika, and our Administrative head of school - Jessica Ortiz.

ASMS Students Awarded Honorable Mention in ExploraVision Competition

Every year ASMS students participate in the Toshiba/NTSA ExploraVision Competition which is a national competition where students develop methods to solve real-world problems with scientific innovations that are not invented today but have a basis in current scientific technology. This year, ASMS had three teams whose projects received honorable mention.


Artificial Biosphere Life Support System – Contributors: John, Alex, Ryker, Nate

The technology is a life support system to use in space exploration consisting of a small and closed ecological system containing an organism that has the capability of converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. This organism would be worn in a backpack where tubes would connect the organism’s container with the person for gas exchange allowing the supply of oxygen to last much longer than normal oxygen tanks.


Biomimetic Electrochemical Nanowire Array Retina – Contributors: Nicole, Maria

The technology is a biometric photo-sensing device. The device is a biomimetic electrochemical nanowire array retina (BE-NAR) eye that mimics the capabilities of the human eye through the use of nanowires which act as photoreceptors that would integrate with the optic nerve sending signals to the brain giving the recipient restored or even enhanced vision capabilities.


Piezo Travelways – Street Lighting Re-imagined – Contributors: Erika, Veronica 

The technology is a method of providing street lights while reducing the amount of light pollution created by antiquated methods of illumination used today. The tile technology uses piezoelectric PVDF, solar panels, solar panels, LEDs, and storage cells that when charged will create an upward illumination along roadways. The technology will also be programmable so that the amount of illumination can be controlled. The utilization of this technology would reduce light pollution, save money using renewable energy, and enhance driver visibility.