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School Trips

Field Trips

Our experiential learning approach benefits greatly from our partnership with many local organizations. Watson Homestead plays host to science field work for each grade level.  Additionally, trips to the Corning Museum of Glass reinforce topics addressed in social studies and art, and attending live performances at the Clemens Center brings the study of literature and music to life. In all subject areas, we are constantly seeking opportunities to connect learning in our classrooms with authentic experiences in our community.

Class Trips

Every May, all students participate in an overnight class trip. Eighth grade students take a three-day visit to Gettysburg and Washington D.C. to immerse themselves in U.S. history and city culture. Seventh grade students spend three days and two nights in Pittsburgh, taking in the sights, and exploring the multitude of resources that only this special city can offer. Sixth grade students will participate in a two-day trip to the Y at Watson Woods to camp, enjoy nature, participate in games and enjoy a camp-wide campfire.

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