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Assembly, Activity, and Advisory


Assembly period is an event that occurs Monday mornings when the ASMS faculty, staff and student body gather together to communicate and celebrate the many upcoming events for the week. Communications may include any announcements or calendar reminders that may be occurring in the upcoming week like field trips, food drive events, or upcoming concerts. The types of celebrations may include birthdays, accomplishments or awards relating to either our student body or faculty. 

Activity Period

Activity period is a twenty-minute period scheduled in the morning on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. During this time, teachers offer trimester long mini-courses that fall outside of the realm of our regular classes. Students select an activity that offers an opportunity to try something new or allows them to become more involved with something they already enjoy. Activity period is also a time to build a deeper sense of community as students from different grade levels have the chance to work together. Previously offered mini-courses include:  

  • Math Counts

  • Yearbook

  • Drama

  • Strategy games

  • T-shirt reconstruction 

  • Stop motion animation

  • CAD (Computer Assisted Design)

  • Chess

  • Trash can percussion

  • Fantasy baseball 

  • Outdoor artists

  • Knitting

  • Crepe making


Every student belongs to an advisory group, a group of eight to ten students in the same grade level who meet with a faculty advisor. Advisors are the students' advocates on campus and serve as the primary liaison between home and school.


At ASMS, advisory meetings are designed to support study skills, encourage camaraderie, and build a deeper sense of community. Daily advisory periods focus on helping students organize their academic work. Extended advisory periods occur weekly and provide students with an opportunity to discuss school events, academics, or topics of interest or importance to them.

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