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Profile of an ASMS Graduate

The "Graduate Profile" defines the characteristics of our graduates as a result of their educational experience here at ASMS.  We consider these characteristics to be fundamental and foundational as our school evolves to meet the needs of the future.

When they transition to high school, ASMS graduates will have: 

  • Achieved proficiency in all academic standards that will be needed for success in high school

  • Learned effective communication skills

  • Developed an appreciation of the performing arts, visual arts, health, and physical fitness

  • Gained an understanding of their obligation to care for their community


We expect that ASMS graduates will be able to: 

  • Apply their skills critically and creatively to solve complex problems

  • Think critically and independently

  • Question and inquire

  • Strive to do their best

  • Engage in their broader communities

  • Advocate for themselves

  • Participate effectively as a member of a group

  • Engage in constructive self-reflection

  • Embrace challenges and change with confidence

  • Pursue what they are passionate about

  • Make healthy choices

In their daily lives, ASMS graduates will demonstrate: 

  • Integrity: They will understand the importance of and act with integrity.

  • Honesty: They will conduct themselves truthfully and responsibly and will accept the consequences and benefits of making mistakes.

  • Respect: They will be respectful of themselves and others. They will acknowledge other people's perspectives, values, traditions, and ideas, even if they do not necessarily agree with them.  

  • Perseverance: They will embrace challenges and work toward personal goals.

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