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Parent Participation

Parents and families play an important role in the functioning of our school.  ASMS was founded by parents and we believe that parental involvement is critical to the success of our students and our school.  We value that involvement greatly and recognize that it builds trust and communication between the school and families.  We hope that parents will want to participate in the education of their children and we count on them to contribute their time, to share their expertise, and to be engaged members of our learning community.  

Volunteer - School Operations

We value the partnership between school and parents, and we rely on parental involvement in the day to day functioning of our school.  As such, ASMS requires parents of each student to contribute 25 hours of volunteer service, participating in volunteer activities that are directly tied to the operation of the school or to the programmatic activities of our students. Examples of qualifying volunteer time include:

  • lunch hour supervision

  • study hall supervision

  • science project supervision

  • chaperoning students on field trips  

  • supervising ASMS-sponsored community service activities


Parents who are unable to meet the service time commitment are required to make a payment of $500 to the school. The following link provides a copy of the school operations volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer - Social Activities

ASMS offers a variety of activities for students to enhance their overall experience and help build community spirit.  We sponsor several school dances throughout the year, we celebrate Pi Day (March 14), and we have "Cookie Day" just to name a few.  We are so grateful to parents and the Parent Teacher Organization who help organize, plan, and chaperone these events which make such a difference for our students.  While social activity volunteer hours are not considered programmatic and therefore do not qualify as required volunteer time, they are a great way to meet other parents and support your child's social development. 

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