Social Studies Faculty


Joni Clemmer

6th Grade Social Studies and French Teacher

After spending time in France as an "au pair," I developed a love of the French language and culture. I enjoy sharing my love of French and Social Studies with students. Learning both language and Social Studies helps students open their minds to other cultures and mindsets. Both areas of study lead students to become greater and more compassionate "global citizens." Understanding and celebrating other cultures and languages opens the door for future adventures and opportunities.

B.A. Political Science, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

B.Ed. French Immersion - University of Alberta, Campus St. Jean

Began my career in education: 1997

Began at ASMS: 2017


Lydia Caprarella

6th and 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher


Jack Donnelly

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

I decided to enter the teaching profession because I wanted to make a difference in students' lives to prepare them for their academic and non-academic lives. I take pride in my students' learning experiences and promote diversity and equality in the classroom. History allows me to give students the opportunity to interpret an event and relate it back to their opinions and experiences.

B.A. Adolescent Education (Elmira College)

Began my career in education: 2019

Began at ASMS: 2019