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Mathematics Faculty

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Michael Conte

6th Grade Mathematics Teacher

I have always been described as a teacher, coach, or mentor.  I pride myself on being an educator that truly knows the adolescent that sits in front of me.  I feel strongly that schools and classrooms are communities of learners, and that students must feel safe and comfortable in those communities, so they can be active participants who take charge of their own learning and cultivate their many talents. The classroom should be a place where students feel enthusiastic, ambitious, engaged, and optimistic about learning and succeeding.

MS Mathematics (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

B.S CJA (Mansfield University)

Began My Career in Education:  2000

Began at ASMS: 2022

Michael Weachock.jpg

Michael Weachock

7th Grade Mathematics and Information Technology Teacher

It is my greatest hope to inspire middle school students with a passion for life-long learning, especially in the incredible field of mathematics. Being a teacher puts me in a very advantageous position to instill a sense of curiosity and wonder in others.

M.A.T. Mathematics Adolescence Education (SUNY Binghamton)

B.A. Mathematics (SUNY Geneseo)

B.A. Computer Science (SUNY Geneseo)

Began my career in education: 2013

Began at ASMS: 2013

Yukimo Akiba.jpg

Yumiko Akiba

8th Grade Mathematics Teacher

I LOVE Math! Math is my passion! As a professional gymnast, I never saw education as important and it was hard for me to balance school and sports. One day in 8th grade, something that my teacher said to me changed my life completely. She told me that “you can add and I am  excited and proud of you”. From that day onwards, I worked hard and was able to appreciate all aspects of learning and education. Now, I love math and I hope that I can be that teacher to my students. Middle school is so critical to the development of a child. I hope students can see how excited I am when I teach math in the classroom. I want to inspire them to learn more about math and become lifelong learners!

M.S. Applied Mathematics/ Statistics (Oklahoma)

B.S.  Mathematics, Minor in Sociology (Oklahoma)

Began my career in education: 2011

Began at ASMS: 2021

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