Mathematics Faculty

Luke Robbins, 6th Grade Mathematics and Information Technology Teacher

When I first found myself in a challenging classroom, I was awakened, then frustrated, then cycled through several iterations of curiosity, hope, and disappointment. Eventually, frustration gave way to new understandings. Through dedication to this process, I developed an appreciation for those who had frustrated me and realized that they were the ones who cared most. Ever since, I've worked to help others find their own path to understanding through mathematics.

M.A.T. and M.S.Ed. (SUNY Oswego)
B.A. Mathematics (SUNY Oswego)

Began My Career in Education:  2013 

Began at ASMS: 2015

Michael Weachock, 7th Grade Mathematics and Information Technology Teacher

It is my greatest hope to inspire middle school students with a passion for life-long learning, especially in the incredible field of mathematics.  Being a teacher puts me in a very advantageous position to instill a sense of curiosity and wonder in others.

M.A.T. Mathematics Adolescence Education (SUNY Binghamton)

B.A. Mathematics (SUNY Geneseo)

B.A. Computer Science (SUNY Geneseo)

Began My Career in Education: 2013 

Began at ASMS: 2013

Michael Sherman, 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher

As a teacher, one of my primary goals is to help students discover that mathematics is a creative enterprise, going far beyond the replication of rules and procedures provided by an instructor.  Students need to be given opportunities to explore and test ideas of their own, developing strategies that will help them organize and analyze information efficiently in all of the novel problems they encounter in their lifetimes.  The fact that students are constantly showing me new and interesting ways to approach mathematical ideas is certainly one of the highlights of being a teacher!

M.S. Mathematics  (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)

B.S. Biochemistry  (SUNY Buffalo)


Began my career in education:  1997

Began my career at ASMS:   2019

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