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Visual and Musical Arts Faculty

EschevarriaKendra (1).jpg

Kendra Echevarria

Visual Arts Teacher and Communications Specialist

I am an art educator and communications/marketing specialist at ASMS. Authentic, hands-on learning takes place in my Choice-Based (TAB) art room. This allows my students to take ownership of their own learning while developing into questioners and driven probem-solvers.

B.F.A. Fine Arts (Alfred University)

M.Ed. in Literacy (Alfred University)

Began my career in education: 2016

Began at ASMS: 2019

Wendy Gulati.jpg

Wendy Gulati

6th Grade Instrumental Music Teacher

I believe that all students should be taught to appreciate music, and a great way to do that is to allow them to participate in making music. I began teaching instrumental music in 1992 and taught for 12 years before taking a break from teaching to stay home with my children. I love teaching band, and I am excited to have the opportunity to do that at ASMS.

B.M. (State University of New York, College at Fredonia)

M.M. (Duquesne Univeristy)

Began my career in education: 1992

Began at ASMS: 2019

Richard Pollock.jpg

Richard Pollock

7th and 8th Grade Instrumental Music Teacher

From a young age, there was no question in my mind that I wanted to be a teacher. It is an honor to take part in young people's educational journeys and grow their individual skills and strengths. My own musical passion and diverse experiences allow me to teach from a unique point of view. I believe in not only teaching musical concepts, but also building character, discipline, and integrity to help guide students through this important phase of their lives. This philosophy is how I will uphold the high standards of the ASMS music program and push my students to reach their greatest potential, as both musicians and people.

B.A. Music (Mansfield University)

B.S.E. Mathematics (Mansfield University)

B.S. Pure Mathematics (Mansfield University)

Began my career in education: 2018

Began at ASMS: 2020

Melody Flanagan.jpg

Melody Flanagan

Choral and 7th Grade Instrumental Music Teacher

"Music expresses that which cannot be said on which it is impossible to be silent." Victor Hugo. I became a teacher because I am passionate about music and want to share that passion with others. My hope for my students is that I give them the basis to continue their music journey, whether it is joining a local choir, playing in a band, or writing their own music. I want the skills they learn in my ensemble and classroom to translate to life experiences and further exploration of music.

B.M. Music Education (Marywood University)

M.M. Music Education (University of the Arts)

Began my career in education: 2013

Began at ASMS: 2018

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