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Our challenging standards-based curriculum emphasizes the development of essential skills, the understanding of important concepts, and the ability to apply learning to real-world problems. 


Our curriculum includes courses of study for all students in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages, music, visual arts, physical education, and health.  In addition, students take grade-specific trimester courses in technology, research, and study skills which are designed to support their integrated learning experience.

Grade 6
Physical Education/Health

The ASMS physical education curriculum focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for safe, competent, and satisfying participation in physical activity throughout life. The importance of health-related fitness is emphasized and integrated into the many course units each child experiences throughout the year. Students at ASMS learn that the development of physical fitness is an ongoing process, not a product. By the end of eighth grade students should have the knowledge necessary to make positive, health-enhancing choices for themselves throughout their high school years.


PE 6

The sixth-grade physical education curriculum focuses on the development of fundamental skills such as throwing, tossing, catching, and kicking, and the use of those skills in a variety of small-sided games selected specifically to optimize activity time while, at the same time, being engaging and energizing. During game situations, students also begin to analyze their contribution to the group and evaluate their relationship with others in order to maximize effective participation. Additionally, students will be introduced to fitness development components such as basic muscle anatomy, the importance of warm-ups and cooldowns, and the benefits of exercising in the moderate to vigorous physical activity zone.

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