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Our challenging standards-based curriculum emphasizes the development of essential skills, the understanding of important concepts, and the ability to apply learning to real-world problems. 


Our curriculum includes courses of study for all students in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages, music, visual arts, physical education, and health.  In addition, students take grade-specific trimester courses in technology, research, and study skills which are designed to support their integrated learning experience.

Grade 7
The Arts

The Arts are a valued and integral part of the ASMS experience. Throughout the three years of middle school, all students are exposed to a variety of approaches to making art, including singing in chorus, playing an instrument in the concert band and participating in visual arts classes. The ASMS art curriculum is aligned to the national visual arts standards and our music program is aligned to national music standards.


Chorus 7

The seventh-grade chorus curriculum focuses on the singing of 3 and 4-part (SA(C)B) choral music through active participation in the chorus rehearsal. The repertoire selected represents a diverse and balanced program (multicultural, classic, folk songs, spirituals, contemporary, novelty, pop, and music theatre). The choral rehearsal techniques focus on tone quality, intonation, breath support, diction (vowels and consonants), pitch and rhythmic accuracy, and interpretation, including dynamics, phrasing, tempo, style, expression, and form. Sight-reading is systematically developed using solfege, and listening skills are emphasized. Working together, the students develop the personal discipline necessary to practice effectively and perform sensitively in an ensemble setting, and thus become more sensitive to the inherent aesthetic qualities of music.

Choral students interested in performing a NYSSMA vocal solo are encouraged to do so. Students electing to perform a NYSSMA vocal solo receive individual instruction in order to prepare for the NYSSMA festival.

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