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ASMS is proud to announce that two of our alumni have been named valedictorians at their respective high schools, exemplifying our mission of fostering academic excellence. Dorothy Piech, Corning-Painted Post High School, and Ethan Hursh, Haverling High School have earned the top honor. Both Dorothy and Ethan have demonstrated exceptional dedication and hard work, serving as inspiring examples for our current students. Congratulations to these outstanding scholars on their remarkable achievements!


Experience the magic of "Annie JR." as the beloved comic strip comes to life on stage in this adaptation of the Tony Award-winning Best Musical. Follow little orphan Annie on her courageous journey through 1930s New York City as she charms hearts and foils the plans of the wicked Miss Hannigan. With roles for all, including orphans, servants, and tourists, this middle school musical promises to captivate audiences from May 16th to May 18th at 171 Cedar Arts Center.


Eighth-grade student, Reed Fuchs out-spelled 84 other students from 50 schools around the Southern Tier, the Buffalo area, and Northern Pennsylvania at the 14th Annual Corning Rotary Spelling Bee at Corning-Painted Post Middle School on March 9. He competed against students from first to eighth grade in the spelling bee in a total of 13 rounds. Seventh-grade ASMS student, Sharon Hwang took second place. Reed will represent the region while competing in the 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee. The 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee takes place May 28, May 29, and May 30, 2024, and will be held just outside of Washington, D.C.  
For those eager to support Reed on his journey, mark your calendars to visit starting May 1, 2024. There, you'll find access to the competition schedule and broadcast details for the 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee Finals. Let's rally behind Reed as he embarks on this exciting opportunity to shine on the national stage!

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