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The Alternative School for Math & Science


Innovative teaching. Student-centered learning.

Middle School Grades 6-8


At ASMS, we believe that students can be responsible members of the broader community. Our school fosters positive relationships with community organizations. Our partnership with organizations across New York’s Southern Tier region develops trust and relationships, confronts challenges, and creates meaningful change. Each month ASMS devotes instructional time to volunteering in the community. In the pictures above, 6th-8th grade students are playing their part in bettering our community.

ASMS successfully launched its 20th school year this September. Each morning students are greeted at the door with a smile as they navigate through their adolescent education experience. This year will be full of celebrations in honor of ASMS- a thriving, researched-based middle school serving New York’s Southern Tier and beyond. Last spring we kicked off the ASMS celebration with an “Inside Out” installation, after the French street artist, JR. Our installation includes portraits of alumni juxtaposed with a current photo. This project highlights ASMS then and now and embraces what could be next for our school community. We look forward to celebrating our collective commitment to excellence in education.

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